Surreal Crucifixion

I love experimenting with different ways to take and develop photographs. One of my favorite things about photography is the ability to take a mundane, everyday object and make it special and memorable. A few years ago, I started developing slide film in the darkroom as if it was regular color print film. I was immediately hooked! I love, love, love the unusual color tones and the effect that comes from the reversal of light and shadow.

Not surprisingly, cemeteries provide a treasure trove of opportunities to play with this technique. Visiting a friend in a small town in Iowa, I happened upon an old, seemingly rather neglected cemetery. Off in the corner, I spotted this wooden crucifix, which had been detached from the grave site it went with and propped against a tree. I really like how the photo turned out. Because the development process turned the shadows around the edges of the cross into light, it almost looks like the cross is hovering above the ground. The overall eerie effect is one I just love!