Motion Abstracts with Taxi Lights

Back in March, when I was still doing this blog as a photo-a-day blog, I posted this photo:

blue, yellow, abstract

Since at that time I was only posting images with no text, I didn’t mention what the subject of the photo actually is: the lights atop a Yellow Cab.  As a taxi sat idling at a stoplight, I set a long exposure on my camera and panned slowly over the light on its roof.  This method is more obvious in the following photo, which I also posted here last March.  In this one, you can see part of the medallion:

taxi, lights, yellow cab

I really love how these photos turned out!  You see so many postcards and other images of iconic New York City objects and places.  I like that I’ve captured one such object but in a subtle and unique way.  So, I decided to share the rest of the photos from that series.  I hope you enjoy them!  And comments are always welcome.

abstract photography, motion photography, panning photograph

yellow and blue, waves, light in motion

blue and yellow, abstract art, blue and yellow photograph

Abstract New York City photograph

New York City Taxi, NYC taxicab, Yellow Cab


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