Alphabet Photo Project — “A”

Last week, my friend Dru Axelsen–who is quite the talented photographer, as you’ll see–came up with a great idea.  For 26 weeks, we will give each other a word, going consecutively through the alphabet week-by-week, and we will both take a photo representing each word.  These can be literal interpretations, or as loose as we like.  This week’s words were “Altitude” and “Amber.”  Here are the photos we came up with.


balloon, deflated balloon, popped balloon

I didn’t intend to go ironic with this one, but when I saw this balloon I couldn’t resist.

Amber, street sign

And his:

amber place

I especially love his black and white interpretation of “Amber.”  Well played, Dru!

This week’s words: “Battles” and “Broken”.  Stay tuned…

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