Monthly Archives: July 2013

Alphabet Photo Project — “E” 2

Another shot from my trip upstate in this week’s installment of the Alphabet Project.  The first “E” word was “Empty,” which was absolutely perfect, as I had the chance to shoot the abandoned Wyndclyffe Manor: The other word this week was “Electronic.”  I came up with this: And here are Dru’s images, both of which […]

Alphabet Photo Project — “D”

I’m especially excited about this week’s photos.  Dru chose the word “Dilapidated,” which was PERFECT timing, as my weekend consisted largely of travelling around Upstate New York photographing old cemeteries and abandoned buildings!  It was incredibly hard to choose just one photo, but I ended up going with one of my favorite images from the […]

Upstate New York Clouds

Over the 4th of July weekend, my dear friend and fellow artist Ian Hemingway was kind enough to drive me all over the countryside to show me his beautiful neck of the woods in Upstate New York.  (We also ventured into quite a bit of Western Massachusetts.)  I had the time of my life and […]