Alphabet Photo Project — “H” 2

Time for this week’s installment of the Alphabet Photo Project.  For those just tuning in, my friend Dru Axelsen and I are working through the alphabet a week at a time.  Every week, each of us picks a word from the next letter of the alphabet, and both of us have to take a photograph representing each word.  It has been so much fun to see how our individual styles are coming through clearly, even though we’re both shooting the same two words each week.

My word this week was “Hands.”  Here’s what I came up with:

Hands, statue, child's hand, mother and child

I had so much fun scouting out statue hands for this one that I’m actually thinking of doing a whole photo series of statue hands (and possibly feet, I’m not sure).

Dru stumped me this week with his word: “Holy.”  As that just isn’t a concept that resonates with me, I really had a hard time thinking of what to do.  I considered taking a photo of something that represents holiness for many other people, even if not for me (which Dru did, to stunning effect, as you’ll see).  But I didn’t have much luck with that.  I thought about going with this photo.


But it just didn’t do it for me.  Then, walking through the farmers’ market, this caught my eye:


Photographically speaking, it’s certainly nothing special…but I do sort of love the coincidence of seeing it when I had been scouting around everywhere all week for something “holy” to photograph!  So, I snapped this with my phone and decided to go with it.

Here are Dru’s contributions, which are as fantastic as always:

Next week’s I words are “Inhale” and “Illuminated.”

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    Dru Axelsen

    I really do like the “Jesus Saves” photo.

    I have to say, both of my shots were made great by the incredible skies I am able to capture here in New Mexico. Right now, being that we are in our monsoon season, the clouds make for some amazing contrast. This monsoon season has been quite unprecedented with the amount of rain we have seen, and the afternoon thunderstorms have been mind-blowing. When one lives in the desert, rain storms become a real thing of beauty.

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      Karin Post author

      Yeah, New Mexico is beautiful country! That being said, you still need talent to capture it as effectively as you do. That cemetery photo in particular is just stunning!

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