Alphabet Photo Project — “J” 2

For those just tuning in, first of all, welcome and thanks for stopping by!  Just to fill you in on what’s happening here, my friend and fellow photographer Dru Axelsen and I have been doing a project for the past several weeks in which every week we give each other a word beginning with the next letter of the alphabet and both of us have to take a photo representing each word.  I’ve been having so much fun, both taking the photos and seeing what Dru comes up with!  Our styles and perspectives (not to mention our geographical locations, with me living in New York City and him in Albuquerque) are completely different, and our photos of the same words have not been remotely similar.  Until this week when we actually had the very same idea for “Jagged.”

Photo of chain link fence and razor wire

My “Jagged”


Photo of razor wire fence with mountain range in the background

Dru’s “Jagged”

For our other word, “Jalopy,” however, we were back to doing completely different things.  This was the word Dru chose, and once again he nearly stumped me.  (I don’t see a lot a jalopies driving around Manhattan!  And it’s not like I can easily get to a junkyard to snap some shots!)  But then I remembered that–do not ask me why!!–I still have this:

Photo of a laptop from 1995

That works, right?

Dru’s “Jalopy” is incredible–especially as he just happened to randomly run across it when he was out on the town one evening!

Black and white photo of an old, broken-down car


Next week’s “K” words are “Keys” and “Knotty.”

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    Dru Axelsen

    This week’s photos were so much fun. For one, my “Jagged” photo was fond while on a photo walk with my friend, Mike. The photo walk ended at a local winery where we ended up partaking in the fine wares produced there. Of course, you know the entire scandalous situation surrounding my “Jalopy” shot, so I will refrain from going into any details other than the fact that colorful tropical drinks, a gay bar, and the APD Prisoner Transport van were all involved.

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