Stumbled Onto a Solution–and I Love It!

I’ve been wanting to find a way to photograph my paintings “in context” so that people looking at them online can get an accurate sense of their size.  But as I have no well-placed wall space in my apartment (much less nice furniture that would make an attractive backdrop), I have been stumped on what to do.  This weekend, on a whim I asked a visiting friend if he would allow me to take photos of him holding some paintings.  Eureka!!  Not only does it accomplish my main purpose of indicating the size of the paintings, I love the whole look of the photos–and as an added bonus (which, to be honest, I totally don’t understand), I was finally able to get photos that accurately represent the color of a couple of the paintings that have been a huge challenge to photograph for some reason.  So, needless to say, I am extremely pleased with the results of this little experiment!

Blue and white abstract drip painting

Multicolored abstract female figure in acrylics

Purple and Yellow Abstract Acrylic Painting

Green and yellow abstract acrylic painting

Blue, green, and beige abstract painting on pumice

Red and Blue abstract acrylic painting

Blue and green swirly abstract painting

Blue, green, and white abstract acrylic pour painting

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