Monthly Archives: October 2013

Alphabet Photo Project — “R”

Wow–we are really cruising through the alphabet!  I can’t believe we’re to “R” already.  This week’s words were “Raspberry” and “Royalty.” I went abstract with “Raspberry”: Dru took a more disturbing route: That is a truly unsettling image, Dru! Our other word was “Royalty.”  For the first time since “Jagged”, Dru and I actually had […]

Living in the city can be odd…

Living in the city can be odd sometimes.  There are a few people whom I regularly see in or near the 14th Street subway station because we commute at the same time every day.  (In most cases, they’re getting on the train when I’m getting off, or vice versa.)  They’re complete strangers, but I’ve been […]