Yearly Archives: 2014

“Days Project” Week 50

There was no way I could resist choosing December 15th, “Cat Herders’ Day” this week, as herding the office cats happens to be part of my job description at work.  (This isn’t the best quality photo, but it is an actual shot of said cat herding in action.  This is Oliver at lunch time.)   […]

“The Next Stop on this Train” Extras – Hoyt Street Signs and Graphics

***This project has a new home. Please visit*** I’m finding that with some of these stops, the 10 photos I allow myself per post simply aren’t enough!  In my visit to Hoyt Street on the 2/3 line, in addition to interesting and beautiful old buildings, I found myself drawn to the vast array of […]

“The Next Stop on this Train” Hoyt Street 2, 3 – Downtown Brooklyn

***This project has a new home. Please visit*** This is part of a series in which I will be visiting every subway stop in New York City and taking photos of what I find there. To see other photos from this series, go to the Categories section on your right and scroll down to […]

“Days Project” Week 47

Dru and I both celebrated non-traditional shopping choices with this week’s photos.  My photo is of the Folk Music Center in beautiful Claremont, CA to celebrate November 29th, “Small Business Saturday”.   Dru did a double photo this time: Protesters outside the mall for Black Friday and his haul from “Record Store Day”(November 28th).  

“The Next Stop on this Train” Extras – Central Park in Fall

***This project has a new home. Please visit***   When I did the 96th Street B/C stop a few weeks ago, I ended up in the northwestern edge of Central Park.  I took way too many photos of the park to be included in my original post, so I decided to share them separately […]