“Days Project” Week 3

I’ve said before that these photo projects are terrific at keeping me motivated and really pushing me to be creative, even when I don’t feel like it.  Well, that has never been more true than it was this past week.  While I occasionally have an idea for my weekly photo and set it up, the way I approach the “assignment” the vast majority of the time is by walking around the city with my camera looking for a shot that fits.  All last week, I had a terrible, miserable cold.  That, combined with the sub-zero wind chill weather all week, meant that there was just no way my usual approach was going to work, so I had to actually make a plan–one that I could carry out inside my nice warm apartment.  I had the hardest time I think I have ever had coming up with an idea, and I very nearly despaired of thinking of anything.

I think I may have been delirious with fever when I did come up with my idea, because it amused me way more than it probably should have.  Here’s the photo I took:

Photo of a smashed butter box

And, what day does this photo represent, you ask?  Why, “National Buttercrunch Day,” of course!

As for Dru’s photo, no one who knows him even remotely will be one bit surprised at his choice of January 24: “Beer Can Appreciation Day.”

Black and white photo of a woman holding two six-packs of beer

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