“Days Project” Week 32

Once again the photo I took this week was not the one I was intending to shoot.  I walked down 17th Street to where I knew there were a couple of interesting thrift stores planning to find a shot for August 17th, “Thrift Shop Day.”  Instead, this cowboy mannequin tucked away inside a flooring store caught my eye.  Given his slick “urban cowboy” look, I thought it would be a funny/ironic photo for August 15th, “I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day.”  The way this photo turned out, however, rather than funny, it strikes me as kind of sad, almost poignant.  (But maybe that’s just me?  I don’t know.)  In any case, here he is:


Dru opted this week for August 17th, “Black Cat Appreciation Day”:

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