“The Next Stop on this Train” Extras – Wall Street Windows

***This project has a new home.  Please visit www.thenextstoponthistrain.com***

My most recent photo excursion was to Wall Street right around dusk.  I kept being struck by the beautiful golden light coming through the windows I passed, and I ended up with quite a few window photos.  I had more than my usual 10 photos without the window shots, so I decided to do a separate post just for them:

IMG_6641 (8 x 12), resized


IMG_6690 (8 x 12), resized


IMG_6693 (8 x 12), resized


IMG_6708 (8 x 12), resized


This one isn’t the same “light through a window” thing, but it’s a window and I like it, so I’m including it:

IMG_6613, resized





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