“The Next Stop on this Train” Wall Street 2, 3 – Financial District, Manhattan

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This is part of a series in which I will be visiting every subway stop in New York City and taking photos of what I find there. To see other photos from this series, go to the Categories section on your right and scroll down to The City by Subway. To see where in the city the photos here were taken, scroll all the way down past the photos to the subway map at the bottom.

(I noticed so many beautifully lit windows on this stop that I made a separate post just for them.  You can see that post here.)




IMG_6583, resized


IMG_6607, resized


IMG_6620, resized


IMG_6625, resized


IMG_6631, resized


IMG_6643, resized


IMG_6653, resized


IMG_6717 (8 x 12), resized

This shot was taken at 5:56pm.


IMG_6740 (8 x 12), resized

This is more or less the same shot as the one above, taken exactly 20 minutes later. I was lucky to be there at dusk when the light was changing.


IMG_6753, resized


Subway Map

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