17th Street Graffiti Project

Since I’m temporarily out of photos for my City By Subway project (it’s supposed to be nice this weekend, so I’ll have more soon) I decided to do a Throwback Thursday post to a project I did several years ago (2008 maybe?).  This is actually tangentially related to my last City By Subway post, Union Square, as 17th Street is the northern border of Union Square Park.  Back when I did this project, I noticed that for some reason, there was a lot of graffiti on that particular street.  (There still is.  I know some of this graffiti is still there, and some definitely isn’t.)  So I walked all up and down 17th Street, from the East River to the Hudson, and photographed the graffiti I found.  Here are some of my favorite shots from that project–and one (the first) that I actually took when shooting for my Union Square post last week.  (By the way, for those interested in such things, all the photos except the first were taken with film.)

1.IMG_8641, resized


2.Untitled 1 Graffiti


3.Bicycle with Graffiti


4.Untitled III Graffiti


5.Untitled V Graffiti


6.Graffiti with Icicle


Untitled IV Graffiti


Untitled VI Graffiti



This building has since been painted, so all this graffiti is definitely gone.









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