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Alphabet Photo Project — “V”

  This week’s “V” words were “Voracious” and “Voluminous”.  Here are mine: (That was “Voracious” but I just realized it could also have been my “Voluminous” image!) Here’s Dru’s “Voracious”: And by far my favorite of this week’s photos, Dru’s “Voluminous.”  Wow!! Next week’s “W” words are “Wind” (whichever definition of that homonym we choose) […]

Alphabet Photo Project — “R”

Wow–we are really cruising through the alphabet!  I can’t believe we’re to “R” already.  This week’s words were “Raspberry” and “Royalty.” I went abstract with “Raspberry”: Dru took a more disturbing route: That is a truly unsettling image, Dru! Our other word was “Royalty.”  For the first time since “Jagged”, Dru and I actually had […]