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“The Next Stop on this Train” Extras – Central Park in Fall

***This project has a new home. Please visit***   When I did the 96th Street B/C stop a few weeks ago, I ended up in the northwestern edge of Central Park.  I took way too many photos of the park to be included in my original post, so I decided to share them separately […]

“The Next Stop on this Train” 96th Street B, C – Upper West Side, Manhattan

***This project has a new home.  Please visit***   This stop brings us to the Upper West Side and into one of my very favorite places in all of New York City: Central Park!  (Naturally, I took way more photos in the park than I could post here.  Click here to see more Central Park […]

Snow Dog

Taking a walk in Central Park after a big snowstorm this winter, I had to take a few minutes to stop and watch this little guy: If this isn’t the pure embodiment of joy, I don’t know what is: