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“Days Project” Week 41

This lovely building provided me with this week’s photo for Ocotber 17th, “Wear Something Gaudy Day”:   This is one of my absolute favorites from Dru.  He beautifully captured October 16th, “National Feral Cat Awareness Day”:   Love, love, love this photo!!!        

“Days Project” Week 37

Wow.  Thirty-seven weeks and counting.  I was just looking at the album of photos on Facebook, and the early ones seem like so long ago! This week I happened upon something that fit perfectly for September 21st, “International Day of Peace”:     Dru went with September 16th, “Grito de Dolores” (Mexican Independence Day).  

“Days Project” Week 36

Usually when preparing for this project, I scour 6 or 7 different websites that all have slightly different lists of unique holidays to see what’s available and find the one that I’ll choose to illustrate that week.  But this week I stopped looking as soon as I discovered that September 13th was “Fortune Cookie Day.”  […]