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“The Next Stop on this Train” Extras – Miscellaneous Quirkiness, Steinway Street M, R

***This project has a new home. Please visit***   I loved this stop SO MUCH!  There was no end of stuff to photograph, and there was just no way I could narrow down the photos I took to my usual 10 per stop.  Yesterday I posted an “Extras” post of some amazing street art […]

“Days Project” Week 12

This week brought us “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day” (March 26th).  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do that!  I ended up taking this shot, for which I made up the holiday “Give Me A Sign Day.”  (I think we should make that one official, if I do say so myself.) I thought […]

Extraordinary Crime Fighters

Many moons ago, when this was still a photo blog, I posted a photo of the rather unsettling armless police woman mannequin that stood guard outside a police equipment supply shop here in Manhattan.   I’m here to report that she has since been replaced with…Police Baby!     Run for your lives, criminals!  Run. […]

“Days Project” Week 9

So, I recently discovered a new (to me) brand of croutons in my local supermarket.  They’re quite delicious…but the package makes me laugh every time I see it.  This week I realized that it would be the ideal photo for March 5th, “Multiple Personality Day.” Seriously…huh?!   Dru came up with an AWESOME photo for March […]

“Days Project” Week 3

I’ve said before that these photo projects are terrific at keeping me motivated and really pushing me to be creative, even when I don’t feel like it.  Well, that has never been more true than it was this past week.  While I occasionally have an idea for my weekly photo and set it up, the […]